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Six factors related to bearing life:

(1) load [N/mm2] Load P

The larger the load is, the bearing service life is short; the load fluctuation is bigger, influence on bearing life is greater, the bearing life is short; in any case, the maximum load can not exceed the maximum allowable load value theory. The load size is equal to the actual working load divided by the projected area of the bearing, and the formula is P=F/ (D*B).

(2) velocity [m/s] V and PV value

Bearing life depends on the size of the PV value, that is, the actual load [N/mm2] V and sliding speed [m/s] P product, PV value is smaller, the longer the bearing life.

(3) temperature [oC] T

The bearing life also depends on the temperature of the bearing, so the heat dissipation characteristics of the relevant components should be considered when designing type selection.

(4) the surface roughness of the grinding parts

The contact surface roughness should be between Ra0.2~Ra0.8, bearing in the assembly and the use of the process can not have sharp media damage to the working surface of the bearing.

(5) on the ground surface of material components, grinding parts surface roughness is one of factors that affect the service life of the shaft sleeve, reaching less than or equal to 0.4 Mu Ka requires a m surface under normal circumstances.

(6) other factors such as the design of the bearing seat, lubrication conditions, etc..

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